GNU/Linux distribution for Cognitively Challenged

The GNU/Linux distribution has been developed to provide an accessible desktop environment to the cognitively challenged users. The major features of the distribution are :

  1. Simplified desktop environment : It includes simplification at desktop level as well as application level.
  2. Tagged file system : This system allows to attach tags to the file and folders. The tag can be either a text or an image. This tagging is helpful for easy recalling and searching of file for the forgetful users.
  3. Reminder application : The application can be used to set the reminders for the tasks, a user has to perform.
  4. User activity log : This log contains the file related activities performed by the user.

This product has been released under the project “Enhancing Accessibility for FOSS Desktops” at CDAC, Mumbai. The research and development activities under this project are aimed at developing software-based assistive technologies/solutions for the differently-abled people. This project is funded by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Ministry of IT, under the NRCFOSS initiative - Phase II.

ISO file of distribution and other related documents can be downloaded from links given below. It is advisable to go through documentation first before installing/using the distribution.


Latest release (0.1.2) of GNU/Linux distribution for Cognitively Challenged can be downloaded from HERE.


Note: Please give your feedback on ossd [at]

Previous versions

  • GNU/Linux distribution for Cognitively Challenged v0.1.1 can be downloaded from HERE.
  • Documentation related to previous version can be downloaded from here .

Screenshots :