Enhancing Accessibility for FOSS Desktops

This project is funded by the Department Of Electronics & Information Technology (DeitY), Government Of India , Ministry of Communications & IT, under the NRCFOSS-Phase II project. The project aims to

  • Study the field of accessibility with respect to the needs and the relevant technologies and identify the needs in terms of FOSS development,
  • Develop software solutions suitable for Indian environments based on FOSS for specific types of disabilities,
  • Formulate guidelines for software applications to support accessibility, and
  • Plan and organize training programs in this area.

Some of the broad deliverables of this project include:

  • Predictive writing tool integrated with the desktop.
  • Screen Reader based desktop including office, browser, etc.
  • Development of speech-based input mechanisms.
  • Enhancing the desktop to cater to people with cognitive disabilities.

All the tools developed in this project are released open source and will be integrated with Linux desktops, as applicable.