Computer Training Program for Visually Challenged

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July 23, 2012 to August 4, 2012
C-DAC, Kharghar, Navi Mumbai
Program Schedule can be downloaded from here

About training

In India, about 7-8 million people are suffering from full or partial visual impairment. Such people have to be provided with different kinds of support devices to access the world and to perform routine tasks like bill payments, banking transactions, reservations etc.. Now technology, either software-based or hardware-based, has made it possible for these people to access the world in their own way. But a large section of blind population is still away from advantages of modern assistive technologies. The main reasons for this gap are not only the lack of awareness about assistive technologies available and lack of hands-on practice to use it, but also the cost of technology.

Free & Open Source Software (FOSS) tools/techniques play an important role in creating assistive technologies that are free-of-cost, available to all and easily maintainable for a large portion of population in a country like India.

For visually challenged people, available computer based assistive technologies include screen magnifier, screen reader, braille display, digital book reader and many more. From all of these, screen reader is the most popular and potentially useful for such people to access the computer. A screen reader is a software application that just not reads the screen from top to bottom but also helps the user to navigate the interface by communicating the current position where s/he is, where to go next by giving appropriate feedback.

This training program is intended to provide a learning platform for visually challenged persons to learn the basics of computer and the usage of screen reader. The training will include using desktop, text editor, command line, word processor, spreadsheet, playing multimedia, Internet browsing and mail client. Working of screen reader with other Indian languages will also be covered during the training program. More details about training program can be found at CDAC, Mumbai website ( The GNU/Linux distribution for Visually Challenged developed by CDAC, Mumbai and FOSS based screen reader Orca will be used for training purposes.

Objectives of training program

  • To create awareness about computer based assistive technologies available for visually challenged users.
  • To give hands-on training for basics of computer using screen reader.

Target Audience

Visually challenged users having basic understanding of English and interest to learn new technologies.

Duration: 10 Days (60hrs.)
Dates: July 23, 2012 to August 4, 2012
Topics to be covered can be downloaded from here
Brochure can be downloaded from here
Organized by :CDAC, Mumbai
Supported by : National Resource Centre for Free & Open Source Software (NRCFOSS)

Registration Details

Registration is free of cost, but the seats are very limited. Registration will be on first-come-first-serve basis. To register yourself, please download the registration form and send by e-mail to or send by post to the address mentioned below.

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